I prefer working with my own ideas, but I am always ready to listen to any thinks and wishes. The client can set the subject, place and size of the future design. I think myself content and everything else. I can consider wishes and the ideas only if they don't spoil a concept. 
The task of any artist isn't stupid to follow the instructions of the client, but based on his experience, suggest and advise how to do better. First of all I do works so as not to be ashamed before the master. 
I don’t force my services on anyone, I don’t bargain and if the client thinks that he understands something better, starts to cope with advices and insists on his own, then in no case he does need anyone's services and can do everything himself. In general, art can not be made to order, because, as experience has taught me, you can do it beautifully or as the client wants, and again, the beauty is a subjective concept, I make all the concepts to my taste, and trust my taste or not, a person must decide for himself, in this instace only the artist's choice depends on him.

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