Maxim Fedoruk   By baber

  My name is Maxim Fedoruk. I am an artist and tattoo designer. I prefer to work only in my style. People call it Tresch Polka, but also like innormism, blackwork, watercolour, geometry, in a word, everything from which a normal person starts to feel sick and the children start to cry. In addition to the tattoos, I also develop prints for clothes, wallpapers, cars, snowboards, illustrations for books, album covers, etc.

  If you want to order a design contact me on social networks or on email

P.S. Before you contact me, please read the information on the website 

crow, raven Trash polka
gas mask Trash polka
moth dead head Trash polka
Angel, clock, Trash polka
skull, war, trash polka
Girl, clock, trash polka